November 1, 2023

StimChip Project commenced

We are proud to announce we've entered in a collaboration with prof. Wim Dehaene of the MICAS research group of KU Leuven, Belgium. MICAS is a key player in research on integrated circuits, and will play an important role in further advancing the electronics required for our implants. The R&D project is supported by VLAIO in the framework of the 'StimChip' project.

October 27, 2023

Innovation Showcase Award

We have presented our technology at the European Brain Council's Brain Innovation Days, and were awarded the 'Innovation Showcase Award'. Thanks to all that made the progress we've recently made possible!

October 12 & November 29-30, 2023

Slush'D Leuven & Helsinki

Interested in a live conversation with the ReVision team? You will have a chance to meet us in person at Slush'D, the largest gathering of start-ups and investors in the world. We will be present both at the local exhibition in Leuven as well as at the international edition in Helsinki.

October 9-10, 2023

The Eye and the Chip, Detroit

After a year of hard work and radio silence, we will present the progress we have made at The Eye and The Chip, a conference sponsored by the Henry Ford Foundation that brings together researchers and companies in vision restauration worldwide. Thanks to dr. Hessburg for inviting us for a platform presentation!

August 28, 2023

Horizon Magazine

Our 'HyperStim' EIC project was featured in this month's Horizon Magazine. Earlier this summer, we were also mentioned in the newspapers De Morgen and HLN.

November 23, 2022

AFT Medtech Convention

Our very own Laurens Goyvaerts made a remarkable impression as keynote spead on this year's AFT Medtech Convention, leading to our booth being the most visited of the conference. Congratulations, Laurens!

April 20, 2022

HyperStim project - EIC grant awarded

We are proud to announce that, together with out partners at KULeuven (Belgium), UPF (Barcelona) and

TTK (Hungary)  we have been awarded a prestigious 'Pathfinder' grant from the European Innovation Council. This 2.2 million € grant will allow us to thoroughly study the advanced neurostimulation strategies needed to enhance the resolution of visual prostheses 20X compared to the state of the art. Our sincere thanks go to the jury for supporting our vision that will allow to drastically improve treatment options for blind people worldwide!

Dec 7, 2021


ReVision and Atlas Neuroengineering, a company that builds and sells neural probes for preclinical research applicatons, submitted a joint grant proposal to the Flemish government to ask for support in further developing flexible neural electrode technology. Recently, we received news about the posititive evaluation of this proposal. We thank the jury for their trust and support. This grant will be instrumental in helping us to evaluate the long-term performance of our implants in several use cases.

November 20, 2021


We have received an excellent official search report about our first patent from the European Patent Office. This means the chance that our first patent will be awarded without much hassle is extremely high. Our sincere thanks go to the fine patent lawyers at IPLodge!

July 10, 2021


ReVision and KU Leuven are proud to announce that our colleague, Maarten Schelles, received a Baekeland PhD grant from the Flemish government. It will allow Maarten to work for 4 years on a research project that directly contributes to the further development of visual prostheses. We are more than grateful to have him in our team!