We're a dynamic team of enthusiastic young researchers determined to make a significant difference in the lives of blind people. Our team spirit helps us work better together and creates a positive atmosphere. We're excited to work on such an impactful innovation and give it our best to make it a reality!



Frederik Ceyssens, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO

Frederik co-founded ReVision Implant together with Peter, with great ambition and motivation. Together with the rest of the team he works hands-on on developing the intra-cortical visual prosthesis. 

Laurens Goyvaerts


Laurens works on the fabrication and characterization of the Occular implant and especially focuses on implant lifetime engineering.

Laura Apolinário

Mechanical Engineering Team Lead

Laura joined our research team to work on the mechanical aspect of the Occular implant, focusing on testing setups and insertion techniques.

Nils Van Rompaey

R&D Engineer

Nils recently joined us, and is working of software and firmware development for the Occular prosthesis.

Philippine de Suray

R&D Engineer

Philippine holds a mechanical engineering degree from Group T, Leuven. She works on robotic insertion of our brain implants.


Maarten Schelles


Maarten is responsible for our work on advanced stimulation patterns and oversees the electronics of the entire device. He has an eye for detail and shows great dedication. 

Jasmine Peeters


Jasmine worked as a financial analyst at DHL Express and as European Controller at C&A, as well as a Senior Costing Analyst at DHL International. She then became Financial Planning Manager at DHL International. She's also a member of ReVision's board.

Anke Verhaege


Anke obtained her MD degree at KU Leuven, Belgium and gained experience in neurology during her period as resident in Aachen, Germany. She then moved on to obtain a MSc degree in biomedical engineering.

Ward Lievens

Electronics Engineer

Ward recently joined ReVision, and is working on wireless power and data communication.

Maya Guilliams

Student Employee

Maya is currently in her final year of MSc. in Bioengineering, specializing in tissue engineering. She also works part-time at ReVision Implant.

External Board Members


Johan Van den Bossche

Johan is serial entrepreneur and has substantial experience in medtech. He was co-founder of Krypton Engineering, and stayed with the company until it was acquired by Metris, then Nikon. Since then he's involved in several ventures including Lab Motion Systems, Elmedix, Xenomatix, Sculpman, Faromatics and Mauhn.


Ruben Verhoeven

Ruben is Senior partner Emeritus from McKinsey & Company and therefore has extensive experience in strategic management across a wide variety of industrial sectors. He's also founder of Ventures&RV.

Research partners at KU Leuven


Prof. Peter Janssen, MD


Peter is a neuroscientist with a life-long experience in reseach on the visual system. His great experience in neural implants and work on large primates make him the perfect science partner for ReVision. He's also board member of ReVision.

Prof. Michael Kraft

Michael Kraft leads the ESAT research division Micro- and Nano-systems. He joined ESAT as a full professor in October 2017 and has more than 20 years experience in the design, fabrication and characterization of a wide range of micro- and nanosystems.

Maxime Feyerick

Maxime is pursuing a PhD in the design of medical integrated circuits, supervised by Wim Dehaene. He's focused on IC design for the visual prosthesis in the framework of our joint VLAIO project 'StimChip'.


Lara Merken

R&D Scientist, PhD candidate

With immense dedication, Lara studies the use of our implants during in vivo experiments on primates in her capacity as Peter's research assistant.

Prof. Wim Dehaene

Wim Dehaene is a professor at KU Leuven since 2002. Before that time he was working for Alcatel Microelectronics as a senior project director. His main research interests are ultra low power DSP, medical electronics and memories. Besides that he also heads high speed digital circuit research mainly in the domain of digital RF transmitters and digital AD convertors.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Decraemer

Thomas is a neurosurgeon at the Gasthuisberg University Hospital in Leuven. He's a specialist in brain-machine interfacing and also advises on surgery-related aspects of our developments.

International research partners


Prof. Gustavo Deco

At UPF Barcelona, physicist and neuroscientist prof. Gustavo Deco and his associate Dr. Juan Fuentes are tirelessly working on in silico modelling of neurostimulation in the framework of our joint EIC project.

Dr. Lucia Wittner

Lucia Wittner received her MSc degree in biology at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary in 1999. She obtained her PhD in neuroscience in 2004 at Semmelweis University Doctoral School, Budapest, Hungary. Currently, she is working in the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology in the Research Center for Natural Sciences, Budapest. Her research interests include synchrony generation in the neocortex and the hippocampus, human epilepsy research and the validation of neural probes.


Richárd Fiáth

Dr. Richárd Fiáth leads the team that uses ReVision's stimulator and microelectrodes to study advanced stimulation patterns in the visual cortex of transgenic mice.  His home institution is TTK in Budapest, Hungary.